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Do you find yourself rubbing your neck or shoulders while sitting at your desk or at the end of the day? There is a modern epidemic of neck and shoulder pain. Necks and shoulders are common “tension collectors” for most people. Many of us are aware of that tension that can result in pain, but don’t know how to relieve it. Often, neck and shoulder tension is related to the mental, emotional, physical wear and repetitive stress syndromes that pervade our daily lives. And when our neck and shoulders are tense, we tend to slouch, which leads to shallow breathing, and fatigue. Simple as it seems, slouching robs you of vital energy.

This workshop will help you understand how to prevent and relieve upper back, neck and shoulder pain and tension headaches and to align your posture. We will learn yoga and Yamuna Body Rolling techniques that will initiate a deep relaxation response. It will include releasing yoga stretches that you can do throughout the day at work or at home that will prevent the build-up of tension that ultimately creates pain.

Yamuna Body Rolling gives us very specific routines with a variety of small balls that penetrate the muscles and literally roll away the knots and twists that create tension and misalignment.

We’re always aware of how gravity pulls the body downward. Most people walk head first, with the face thrust out in front of the body. This forces muscles of the neck and shoulders to work to hold the head up, creating unnecessary tension. The result is that the face starts to drop. By contrast, when the head is aligned directly over the cervical spine and the head and neck are directly over the shoulders, the facial muscles and bones aren’t hanging out in front of you, and the muscle tone of the face actually improves.

And let’s not forget that the arms are attached to the shoulders! By releasing and relaxing the shoulders, we also release the arms. We include some hand work (often the source of neck and shoulder pain as the result of computers) on the Yamuna Foot Wakers that leads to deep shoulder releases.