Yoga and Meditation Center of Montclair

with Susan Morton


Learn How to Relieve and Prevent Backaches Strengthen, Stabilize, and Relax Your Back

Yoga and Yamuna Body Rolling give us some great, simple practices that can help those who experience back pain.  Whether the cause of your pain is stress, tension, injuries, scoliosis, disk degeneration or the wear and tear of sitting for too long at a computer, this workshop will give you effective tools to manage your back.

Yoga emphasizes that we need long, strong, relaxed muscles for a healthy pain-free back.  Most people often develop tight back of the body muscles, and then stretch incorrectly which can make matters worse, causing even more pain or discomfort.

We will learn about the basic causes of back pain and how to strengthen and relax the back using a combination of lumbar stabilization and strengthening exercises, yoga stretches, and Yamuna Body Rolling techniques.

This class will be taught by Susan Morton, who brings her own experience of recovery from a major back injury that occurred as the result of a car accident.  Susan has both bulging and herniated disks and functions pain-free, managing her back through a variety of modalities mentioned above.  Teaching from her own experience, she has helped many students over the years learn to manage their back issues and develop strong, relaxed, healthy backs.

Questions?  Call Susan at 973-746-6707