Yoga and Meditation Center of Montclair

Yoga and Nutrition for Healthy Bones

Your bones are as important to your overall health as the rest of your organs and bodily systems, yet we tend to ignore that fact until problems arise. Yoga and nutrition can help you take care of your bones in a number of important ways and it is never too early or too late to begin. Susan Morton and Karen Lee will introduce you to some practical, user-friendly nutrition, yoga, and Yamuna Body Rolling techniques that will help you strengthen your bones while increasing your energy and well-being.

Join us and learn how a whole food nutritional program can help to create life long bone health. Explore what foods support bone health and what foods are detrimental to bone health. Many people are unaware of how what they eat can actually weaken their bones! Gain a better practical understanding of how to be sure you are giving your body the necessary nutrients to have strong and healthy bones. We are excited to share the keys to optimal bone health, one of the many benefits of a plant- based diet.

Bone is living tissue and its quality can be improved. As in all living tissue, age brings wear and tear to the bone reducing circulation, causing brittle bones as the supply of nutrients is diminished. Learn how to stimulate the cells that create bone tissue bone through the safe weight-bearing exercises of yoga and Yamuna Body Rolling.. While other weight bearing exercises can tighten the body and wear out the joints, yoga and Yamuna Body Rolling, while building strength, promote mobility in the joints and flexibility in the whole body.

Karen Lee, Personal Nutritional Consultant, Health Advocate and Food Educator, provides guidance and information on choosing nutritional programs and products to help you achieve optimal health and wellness. She is a graduate of Duke University with a BA in psychology, a mother of three children and certified in plant based nutrition through Cornell University.

Susan Morton is the founder and director of the Yoga and Meditation Center of Montclair, has been teaching yoga since 1974, and is a Level III Yamuna Body Rolling Practitioner. She will be teaching an 8-week Yoga for Healthy Bones course this fall at the Center.

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