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Winter Yoga Vacation TESTIMONIALS

  • My experience in Cabo was something close to the stuff dreams are made of: stunning exotic vistas, perfect weather, luxurious hotel accommodations, delicious food, fantastic companionship plus the best part - two devoted, highly skilled yoga instructors teaching classes by the beach. Life does not get better than doing asanas and meditation with the morning sun on your back and the ocean beating rhythmically in the background...all followed by a day at the beach spent alternating between sunning and whale watching. This beautiful group experience will forever remind me of what full presence feels and tastes like.

    Lisa, Landscape Designer

  • “The scenery was exotic and stunning. The yoga and Yamuna practices kept us centered and toned, and (hopefully) compensated for our lazy afternoons on the beach. The hotel couldn't have been more beautiful or accommodating. The food was fantastic and there was lots of it. Best of all, our group was warm and compatible. Many of us started as strangers and ended up friends. Thanks, Susan and Susan, for an unforgettable experience!” Namaste

    Amy, Writer

  • “. . . This week, I attended a new yoga class but won't be going back. After working with you and Susan, I feel like I experienced top-notch yoga instruction and this guy just wasn't the real deal. My point is that not only was our week in Cabo fabulous and fun, it gave me techniques and instruction that I am integrating into my life. And it seems to be happening rather effortlessly, which is great. So many thanks for a gift that keeps on giving!

    I miss you all, the gorgeous place, the lovely friendships old and new, the morning berries, papaya and pineapple . . .Hope to see you in Montclair this year and Cabo next.”

    Alison, LA

  • “The trip was just what I needed, not only do I feel renewed, I am excited again about my work. Having yoga and body rolling everyday helped me get creative again and to appreciate my wonderful life-- my sweet husband and yummy kids!”

    Benilde, Author

  • “I wish I could find the words to describe to you how wonderful in every way your yoga trip to Los Cabos was for me. I will start with the classes. Being a personal trainer and yoga teacher myself, it was a joy to be on the receiving end of two beautiful classes each day. Even after all my years studying and teaching I can honestly say that I learned something in every class and felt my body open in new ways.

    The actual physical setting in Los Cabos was just breathtaking. The hotel setting was spacious and peaceful. I spent hours most days walking down the beach. I loved watching the ocean from the balcony outside my room and listening to it each night as I went to sleep.

    It was a pleasure to be a part of this group of participants. There was a very warm, friendly and genuinely supportive atmosphere in and outside of classes. Old friendships were renewed and new ones forged.

    Often after the opportunity to take a vacation ,the feelings of relaxation and peace fade quickly as I return to all of the activities and responsibilities of life at home. I have been home and back to work for a full week and can honestly say that I am very aware of being able to maintain a feeling of inner calm.

    Thank you so very much for creating this special opportunity.”

    Betsy, Personal Trainer and Yoga Teacher, Austin TX

  • “First of all, I’d like to say that the routine Susan M. gave me for working on the foot wakers stopped DEAD IN IT'S TRACKS the plantar fasciitis in my right foot . . . and having not had a vacation for some time due to my husband's serious health issues, I needed a break more than I could have imagined. To be able to go to gorgeous Los Cabos with the support and camaraderie of the yoga group and to get to deess and study yoga and Yamuna Body Rolling in paradise...( I mean paraiso!) was so restorative and relaxing. The individual attention and support that students receive in both Susan’s classes whether in Montclair or in Mexico, is so unique in these days of mega - sized, trendy classes where the stunt yoga is more about how you look than how you feel!”

    E.S., Entertainment Industry, NYC

  • “. . . I began working with Susan Morton to learn how yoga could help to rehab a recent back injury. In just one session the remarkable gift of Yoga and Yamuna Body Rolling under Susan’s guidance was revealed. The answer to my sore, tight muscles was in her studio. As I began to regularly visit Susan’s studio, I noticed an enticing framed poster on her wall. Upon closer look, it was an invitation to participate in a Yoga and Meditation Vacation in Los Cabos, Mexico in February 2011. Without hesitation, I asked if the trip was full. I was elated at the thought of leaving the cold snowy winter of New Jersey and warming myself in the Mexican sun, while doing yoga, mediation and Yamuna Body Rolling every day.

    The Yoga Vacation, was nothing but spectacular. It was easy, relaxing, full of great people and the daily classes, which were optional, were fabulous. The trip exceeded my expectations on every level - from first class accommodations, delicious food, wonderful new friends, and two yoga master instructors who create magic with the body and soul. The whole week created a sense of relaxation, well being, renewal and strengthened my personal yoga and body rolling practice. It was so wonderful, that I have already blocked out the dates for the 2012 yoga vacation.”

    Karen Lee
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  • “As a relatively new member to the Yoga and Meditation family, the trip to Los Cabos was a wonderful opportunity to embark on some rest and relaxation in a beautiful resort, experience very personalized yoga and meditation classes, and meet some new and great people. I've never been to the west coast of Mexico; and, it is quite breathtaking. Waking every morning to the sound of the sea and the beauty of the ocean and rock formations will remain in my memory for some time. The resort was great from the service to the food. as well as the accommodations. The spa was great as well, and we partook in a number of relaxing and pampering treatments.

    New to yoga and meditation, I really appreciated the personalization of the classes. Meditating with the sunrise and overlooking the ocean was a great experience followed by a great yoga class to start the day. The Yamana body rolling classes in the afternoon also provided a great outlet after a day by the pool, beach or meandering around the resort or towns. My goal was to take at least three classes in the morning and three in the afternoon during the week, and I accomplished that!! I also felt no pressure, with classes optional, if I decided to skip a class to sleep in a little later or relax by the pool with my husband and a Mai Tai!

    Thank you to both Susan Morton and Susan Wilson for a great trip!”

    Michele, Senior Director in Human Resources, NJ pharmaceutical company

  • “This vacation was unique, relaxing, fun, exciting and breathtaking. The senses were just overloaded with the sights of the ocean, scenery and the architecture of the Westin Resort. This experience, together with all the wonderful Meditation, Yoga and Yamuna Body Rolling classes with Susan Morton and Susan Wilson were extraordinary! And, as if that was not enough, the new friends we met were so much fun, and so encouraging in all our endeavors to either start, or continue with our Yoga practices so that we may continue to incorporate Yoga in our everyday lives. The Yoga Nidra workshop was truly a wonderful, and gave a whole new meaning to the phrase "letting go".

    Thank you again for giving us the opportunity to share with you one of the best vacations I have experienced.”


  • “Thank you for making my trip to Los Cabos such a memorable one. The trip was on the heels of the loss of my beloved mother in-law. Your sessions proved to be both soothing and restorative. As a nurse, I am always open to alternative experiences to promote wellness. Both you and Susan surpassed my expectations for the week.
    I have begun to devote time in the morning to integrate yoga as part of my daily routine. I have faithfully been doing the Yamuna body rolling to sooth my feet in the evening while sitting on the sofa (adding new meaning to the word "couch potato"). In such a short period of time, I can feel the difference in my fallen arch.”

    Paulette, Nurse

  • “I've been trying to think about how to put into words how meaningful the trip to Cabo was for me . . . The best testimonial I could give the trip is that even now, two weeks after the trip, I still feel rested and relaxed despite being thrown back into my daily grind. I thought the classes taught a lot about correct alignment and safe stretching as well as getting into and out of poses correctly. More often than not, the classes I take focus on the pose itself and not how to get in and out of them safely. This, I’m sure, is crucial to injury prevention.

    I can't say enough...what a great trip.”

    Thanks so much,

    Ryan, Actor, LA